Dunnington Mansion - "Poplar Hill"

A 200+ Year History Presented by The Dunnington Mansion Foundation

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Welcome to Poplar Hill

Once a stately and beautiful Victorian manor, Poplar Hill has an extensive and rich history. As described by Sally Dickinson, an early 20th century author and historian, "It is by far the handsomest, most commodious and best cared for home in Prince Edward County." Sadly, this is far from the truth today.

Threatened by housing developments and woeful neglect, this amazing piece of architecture might soon be lost. After being bought by developers in 2000 there were plans to make it the shining jewel of the future Manor Golf Course. Unfortunately, the money dried up for the developers and pieces of the property were sold to different investors. The golf course was constructed in 2004 and the mansion was ignored.

Over the last 20 years its former glory has slowly faded. Currently, the house is in various stages of decay and its future is seriously endangered. Exposed to the elements the beautiful plaster walls, once covered in opulent wallpaper, have started to crumble. Holes in the roof and broken windows have allowed decades of rain to pour into the interior. In some rooms entire ceilings have collapsed and the floors have fallen.

Broken and all but forgotten its ghostly beauty is breathtaking. In silent defiance of its current state the mansion is still compelling and inspiring. Please enjoy this site as we document the story of Poplar Hill and the people who loved it. Join us in appreciation of this stunning piece of history in Virginia's Heartland.

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The DUNNINGTON MANSION FOUNDATION  is a not-for-profit organization. It was formed by  history enthusiasts and lovers of forgotten homes.
We are dedicated to preserving the history of Poplar Hill and with luck, the mansion itself.
Please consider helping save this wonderful piece of history before it is too late!