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April 2022

At the end of 2021 the mansion and surrounding 400+ acres was purchased by a group of local investors. In April the Dunnington Mansion Foundation was granted permission to document changes that have been taking place at the property.

Stabilization work has begun to help protect the house and prevent further decay. Entrances to the house have been secured and the work crew is there daily. Brush has been cleared from around the house and the walled garden. This offers a view of the mansion that has not been seen in over a decade. Part of the collapsed porch has also been removed.

The investors plan to sell the mansion and some surrounding land in the near future. Sale will be contingent on the house being renovated and preserved. The Dunnington Mansion Foundation hopes to partner with the future owner allowing them to utilize advantages available for nonprofit organizations.

Donations are still being accepted to help with our administrative costs and to hopefully pass along towards preserving the house!!

Serious inquiries can be sent through this webpage and will be forwarded to the investor group.

May 2022

Recently the mansion was nominated for Preservation Virginia's Most Endangered Historic Places Award.

Farmville Herald Article -  https://www.farmvilleherald.com/2022/05/mansion-on-endangered-historic-places-list/

Preservation Virginia - https://preservationvirginia.org/

Ryan Murtagh

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